Friday, March 18, 2011

If we get the government we deserve, what did we do to deserve this?

From John Fund, we get an indicator that the Democrats learned a lot from the November election, and are committed to seriously addressing the issues facing the nation.

The Obama White House is sharing its internal polling with private Democratic audiences to explain its remarkable detachment from the federal budget debate on Capitol Hill. White House aides say that the polling shows the public isn't focused on the battle over continuing resolutions to fund the government and is confused by the details.

That inattention will allow Democrats to delay responding to GOP demands for spending cuts until House Budget Chairman Paul Ryan reveals the GOP's spending priorities for next year's budget in early April. "That's when we jump 'em," a Democratic strategist told me. "There will be Medicare cuts and other things we'll be able to talk a lot about."
Nice, serious, adult approach, huh?

OK, the child-like faith in the infinite money tree that's apparently going to fund all of their plans is rather amusing, but, at some point, don't they need to actually face the facts? If the hole that you're in is too deep, you can't solve your problems by standing still, but at a minimum, don't you at least need to stop digging?

I have some more thoughts on the Fund piece, but I'm going to break them into a separate post...

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