Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Gosh, who could have seen this coming?

In Health Law, Rx for Trouble
Patients are demanding doctors' orders for over-the-counter products because of a provision in the health-care overhaul that slipped past nearly everyone's radar. It says people who want a tax break to buy such items with what's known as flexible-spending accounts need to get a prescription first.

The result is that Americans are visiting their doctors before making a trip to the drugstore, hoping their physician will help them out by writing the prescription. The new requirements create not only an added burden for doctors, but also new complications for retailers and pharmacies.
Unintended Consequences. It's the law.

Really, I've reached the point of just laughing at this nonsense. Seriously, what else would you expect from a 2000 page bill which massively restructures 1/6 of the nation's economy, that required bribes to pass? Of course there are problems. Of course it's changing behaviors. Of course it's making things worse.

I have a serious question for those of you out there that supported this travesty of a monstrosity, and it's this - are you embarrassed yet? Or are you taking the (I'm sorry but) ridiculous position that "it was a good idea, a good bill, and they just need to work the kinks out"?

And this is obnoxious, but I told you so! And so did millions of others...

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