Monday, February 28, 2011

May Thy Holy Spirit

This lovely piece by Paul Tchesnokoff was performed on 2/27/2011 by the Park Street Church Sanctuary Choir.

My favorite rendition of it, however, will never be duplicated or heard again. In 1999 (May 31, to be exact) a group of 12-18 members of the choir touring Greece and the Czech Republic, performed that piece (a capella, obviously) inside the beehive tomb(which may or may not be the tomb of Agamemnon) in Mykines (Mycinea), Greece.

The tomb is carved into a hillside,

a round room with a domed ceiling, all stone.

As you can imagine, the acoustics are something special, and for a piece like this one, utterly perfect. The tour guide that day, when we got back onto the bus, told us that "I come here often with groups, and everyone sings in there, but I've never heard anything like that before."

And probably never will again.  I don't expect to...

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