Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ugly - an understatement

Michael Graham:
In the past 48 hours I’ve heard from readers and listeners who are so upset that they can barely speak. They gasp. Or even cry. That’s how horrified they are by what Obama called “an ugly process.”

Ugly? Pal, calling this mess “ugly” is like saying Tiger Woods has marital problems.

I have never seen a political moment as brutally repugnant as the week leading up to the vote. It began with the abandonment of reason. Obama and his allies made statements that were so clearly and demonstrably false that if he weren’t the president I’d call him a liar. Let’s just say he went full-on Clinton for Obamacare.
Process matters. As I said before,
It should come as a surprise to no one that a process that couldn't possibly produce a piece of legislation worth supporting has produced a piece of legislation that isn't worth supporting.
I seem to remember a big outcry from the press during the early 70s about the problem with the Nixon administration letting "the end justify the means." I'm not hearing so much about that right now...




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