Thursday, February 04, 2010

Special election certified

Mr. Brown's going to Washington...
The upset election of Scott P. Brown to the US Senate was officially certified this morning in a brief procedural hearing at the State House, clearing the way for the Republican to take the oath of office this evening in Washington.

The independently elected Governor's Council voted 6-0 to accept the official results, which showed that Brown won last month's special election by 107,317 votes. Nearly two dozen reporters and six television cameras crowded the cramped Governor's Council Chamber for the unanimous vote, which concluded when Governor Deval Patrick slammed down his gavel.

"Motion carried," Patrick said "Done."
He's expected to be officially sworn in this afternoon.

The Senate seat which Brown will take has been held by a Kennedy or a Kennedy coat-holder since JFK's election in 1952. Fifty-eight years ago.

Our long national nightmare is nearly over...

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