Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Not the Churchill quote I was looking for, but...

Why have I never seen this before? From an AP report, January 29, 1950:
Winston Churchill had a new word Saturday for the Socialists' goal - Queuetopia.

Labor Party Socialists have promised children will be at the head of the queue in social services, the Conservative leader said, adding:

"Why should queues become a permanent, continuous feature of our life? Here we see clearly what is in their minds. The Socialist dream is no longer of Utopia, but Queuetopia."
Queuetopia! I love it!

And it's still relevant. That's what the NHS is for the British people, and that's what Obamacare would usher in for Americans.

What a great word. I expect that I'll be using it again...

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