Sunday, December 27, 2009

Sunday Steyn

Looking at the millions of Americans it leaves uninsured, and the millions it leaves with worse treatment and reduced access, and the millions it makes pay significantly more for their current health care, one can only marvel at Harry Reid’s genius: government health care turns out to be all government and no health care. Adding up the zillions of new taxes and bureaucracies and regulations it imposes on the citizenry, one might almost think that was the only point of the exercise.
Some people still thinks it's stoppable. I'm less optimistic. I guess it's true that either the House has to pass the Senate bill, as is (unlikely), or each has to vote again on a modified bill. It also seems to be the case that they're not going to work on it again until February. (How that's compatible with the rush to the Christmas Eve Senate passage is unclear to me.) In any event, the prospect is not becoming more appealing with the passage of time...

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