Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sin in haste...

...repent in leisure.

Krauthammer, agreeing with me:
And you ask yourself, why is the haste? Where is the deadline? It's not as if we were a year ago with the banking issue where there was a deadline. If you didn't act on TARP, you could have [had] a collapse of the economic system.

Here the deadline is entirely a political one. It is because the Democrats know with all this opposition in the public and with an election year looming, they have a very small window.

It's not as if the medical system will collapse on January the 1st if nothing is done. It [the deadline] is entirely artificial. And it is causing these new amendments and these new ideas to be thrown in untested, even unexplained, at the last moment. … This is reforming one-sixth of the U.S. economy. It is not a targeted reform. It is a revolution in healthcare.

It's a train wreck. Whatever they can do to try to find 60 votes to destroy the health care system, that's what they're willing, even anxious, to do. I've said many times before that whenever I hear the phrase "contempt of Congress," I want to know where to sign up, but I don't ever remember having quite so much contempt for a Congress as I do for this one...

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