Friday, November 27, 2009

Wordle puzzle - 11/27/2009

On Friday mornings, for a while at least (depending on how it goes), I'm going to post a word cloud from a work of literature. The game is to identify the work that the word cloud represents. The cloud shows the words appearing in the excerpt, omitting common English words such as articles and prepositions (because otherwise, the clouds would all be dominated by "the," "a," "in," "on," etc.) The size of the word in the cloud is based on its count in the excerpt, with the larger words appearing more frequently than the smaller ones.

I will be, at least occasionally, deleting some terms on the grounds that if I didn't, I'd be ruining the puzzle. (How long would it take to guess Les Miserables if the biggest words on the cloud are "Valjean" and "Javert?" Would a cloud in which "Fagin" and "dodger" held prominent positions be much of a challenge?) On the other hand, if everything distinctive is removed, there's no way to identify the work. So it's a bit of an experiment, but I think it might be fun.

I'll post answers on Thursday.

Wordle puzzle for the day (Friday, 11/27/09):

This Wordle was created from about 10 pages from the first half, but not the very beginning, of a classic of English Literature. I have removed 0 words from this cloud.

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