Monday, November 16, 2009

Choir music - 11/15/2009

For the past year, we've been celebrating the 200th anniversary of Park Street Church, founded in 1809. 2009 is also the 200th anniversary of the death of Joseph Haydn, and the 200th anniversary of the birth of Felix Mendelssohn. Sunday, the sanctuary choir, joined by choir alumni from around the country, and the sanctuary orchestra, performed works from those great composers. So, for your listening pleasure (and with the understanding that the church really isn't mic'ed properly for good balance), here are the choir and orchestra performances.

From Haydn's oratorio The Creation, comes "Achieved Is The Glorious Work":

Achieved is the glorious work,
the Lord beholds and is well pleased.
In lofty strains let us rejoice,
Our song let be the praise of God.

And from Mendelssohn's brilliant Elijah, the final chorus, "And Then Shall Your Light Break Forth":

And then shall your light break forth,
as the light of morning breaketh,
and your health shall speedily spring forth then.
And the glory of the lord ever shall surround you.

Lord our creator,
how excellent Thy name is, in all the nations,
Thou fillest heaven with Thy glory.

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