Thursday, October 08, 2009

Humorous "grade" for the President

Time Magazine with a LOL parody grade for the first 9 months of the Obama administration:
Barack Obama, PresidentGrade: A- [ha ha ha ha ha]
Instantly comfortable and highly skilled [ha ha ha] at the hardest job in the world — proving his supporters' contention that all the traits that made him a great candidate would serve him well in the White House [ha ha ha]: even temper, cool demeanor, boldness under pressure [ha ha ha], shrewd facility for managing personnel [ha ha ha ha ha], unfailing instincts about when to delegate and when to engage [ha ha ha ha ha ha ha]. A handful of public missteps (particularly on his international trips and on torture issues) and a failure to ameliorate the partisan divide are the only true blemishes so far [ha ha ha ha ha]. Has ably balanced the spectacle and the grindstone [ha ha ha ha ha] — allowing the public to feel an intimacy with his life and family, while retaining a formal distance as he handles business.

Excellent stuff here, as Mark Halperin demonstrates a deft comedy touch...

("What's that? What did you say? They're serious???? Are you sure?")

Uh, never mind.

This is the kind of thing that members of the mainstream press, no matter how much they love Obama, should avoid. There is no rational person who could objectively look at the first nine months of this administration and grade the President an A-. He's accomplished nothing except the explosion of the deficit, exacerbation of racial tensions, and partisan rhetoric, and the alienation of our international allies. He's been a disaster, and when they give a grade that's so obviously inflated, it's laughable, and just another blow to their credibility (not that there's much of that left)...

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