Thursday, July 09, 2009

Lies and the lying liars who write them

Politics is obviously a profession in which a certain amount of dishonesty is accepted, as people "spin" events or policies, trying to always "frame" their own candidates and policies in the best possible light. But flat-out lying is generally frowned upon, as indefensible statements call all of the other ones into doubt.

In Politico this morning, Democratic pollster Mark Penn writes about the problems facing the Obama administration, and how 10% unemployment could act as a "tripwire" to politically damage the administration. The piece is filled to the brim with selective history and self-serving declarations. But there's as blatant a lie as you'll ever see in a political piece, and really destroys whatever credibility Penn thinks he's bringing.
The Republicans are now on record in opposition to any stimulus.

Please. The Republicans obviously are on record as opposed to the stimulus passed in February. As well they should be - it was a non-stimulating disaster, an economic destruction measure of biblical proportions. But the Republicans have supported any number of true "stimulus" policies, and would do so again if given the opportunity. To suggest that Republicans would not support a payroll tax reduction, or extension of the Bush tax cuts is to suggest nonsense. It's not a "political fib," it's not "spinning," it's a blatant lie.

(H/T: Chris Lynch)

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