Thursday, April 30, 2009

Time for a serious conversation

Wesley M., speaking for many of us, is willing to engage President Obama's nominal desire for a serious conversation on the issues:
Let's stop pretending that asking your cabinet to find $100 million in spending cuts is "tightening our belts." A serious conversation would call this what it really is: A joke. And a bad one at that.

Let's stop pretending that we're going to lower health care costs, thus saving money and Medicare, not to mention reducing the deficits, by spending an additional $646 billion of money we don't have...

Let's stop pretending that we can save Social Security without cutting benefits for future retirees or raising the retirement age...

Let's stop touting that $400 tax cut you keep talking about, considering that the members of your own party in Congress just voted to end it after next year...

Mocking those "folks waving tea bags around" might make for a good laugh line, Mr. President...But those folks are voters, Mr. President. And not only do they understand everything discussed in this post, they're waiting for some indication that you do as well.

They're also waiting for that serious conversation, Mr. President, just as soon as you decide to get serious.

Read it all. Well done...

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