Sunday, January 11, 2009

Idle thoughts on divisional Saturday...

A couple of things from Saturday's NFL games:

  • Dan Dierdorf can rave all he wants about how "perfectly thrown" Flacco's touchdown pass to Mason was. That doesn't change the fact that it was badly underthrown. He had a wide open receiver who had to almost stop, and still caught it down by his knees, and the throw almost let the safety make the play.

  • I thought that Joe Flacco stepped out of the end zone and the officials missed it. I would love to have seen a good replay from a good angle on that play. Or even a single replay.

  • On the Ravens last drive, they completed a pass for a first down on a play that started longer after the play clock expired than any other play I've ever seen not get flagged.

  • It's rare to see a team outplay another as badly as the Titans outplayed the Ravens yesterday and still lose. Some of it was bad luck and bad timing, and some of it was simply hardcore self-destruction. 12 penalties accepted for 89 yards? Yeah, that's not going to get it done.

  • If the score in the Cardinals-Panthers game had been reversed, there would have been no interest in the second half. With Arizona in front, it felt like the comeback was a real possibility. Had the Panthers been up by 20, it would have felt like it was over.

  • Anyone who wants to see a competitive NFC Championship Game next week has got to be rooting for Philadelphia today. It's easy to imagine Philadelphia at Arizona being an exciting and competitive game. It's tough to imagine Arizona at NY as anything other than a Giants blowout.

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