Sunday, September 21, 2008

Miami 38, New England 13

There will be, I suspect, several stories in the papers tomorrow in which Matt Cassell's performance and Tom Brady's injury are mentioned in the first paragraph. Those stories will by burying the lede. The big story out of the game can be summarized thusly:

Dolphin's 2nd-7th drives
TimeStarting positionPlaysYardsResults

03:44MIA 26874Touchdown

03:12MIA 21679Touchdown

03:50MIA 23977Touchdown

01:40MIA 2035Punt

06:25MIA 211079Touchdown

03:31MIA 15685Touchdown

Yes, the Patriots offense has not been very good so far. How much of that is Cassell and how much is the offensive line and play calling is not clear to me. But this loss to day is on the defense - entirely. They should be embarassed by that performance.

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