Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Convert

I have been converted.

For years, I have been apostate, believing that one voted for candidates based on their records, philosophies, associations and plans. And I have watched as the American left, the Democrats, home of identity politics in America, and their "Amen corner" in the American mainstream press have provided the racial/gender take on every political decision. And I now know, after resisting the truth for years, that Black candidates lose, not because people disagree with them politically, but because conservative voters are closet, or even not-so-closet, racists. Women candidates lose because voters are sexist, intimidated by "strong women."

They have converted me. I have come over to their point of view. I have been enlightened. It is now clear to me that there are no reasons, other than racism, not to vote for a black politician. There are no reasons, other than sexism, not to vote for a female politician.

I have been convinced. The re-education campaign has worked. The truth has been browbeaten into me. I have seen the light.

But I do have just one question remaining.

The Democrats are meeting in Denver in August to choose a Presidential candidate, and that choice will reveal a great deal about the Democratic Party.

Is the Democratic Party racist? Or is the Democratic Party sexist?

It apparently has to be one or the other...

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