Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Alito hearing - day 2

Well, if you're a drug dealer, you now know that if Pat Leahy's in charge, you can beat a drug bust by taping your stuff under the shirt of a 10-year old...

Update:John Podhoretz noticed, too. And Andy McCarthy had further comment:
In the first case I ever worked on in the U.S. Attorney's Office in NYC -- United States v. Ella Shipp et al. -- the lead defendant met one of her main customers in a restaurant. Drug samples for the occasion were hidden on the person of the defendant's daughter. My recollection is that the girl was FOUR, not ten.

Orrin Hatch walked through the Vanguard recusal issue. It should be clear to the meanest intellect that there's no there there. I'll bet any amount of money that my embarassment of a senior Senator (the "Hon." Edward Moore Kennedy) will go there and pontificate anyway...

One of my favorite political anecdotes is from Kennedy's first Senate run, back in 1962 when he was running for the seat that his brother John had vacated on ascending to the Presidency. In a debate taking place during the Democratic primary, Massachusetts Attorney General Edward McCormack told the 30-year old runt of the Kennedy litter that "if your name were Edward Moore instead of Edward Moore Kennedy, your candidacy would be a joke." Unfortunately, his name was, and is, Kennedy, and he won that race and he's still there 42 years later, and he will be until he dies.

Kennedy - Vanguard. Bingo. What an embarassment.

The idea of Ted Kennedy sitting in judgement on anyone would be funny if it weren't so repellent.

And now Biden's going to the Vanguard thing. "Don't read it as us saying you're a bad guy, but you said you wouldn't do this and then you did." Unbelievable.

OK, totally believable, but still painful to watch.

Biden: "All kidding aside..."
Me: "Oh, was that supposed to be a joke?"

Biden: "This goes beyond you." Because, you see, Alito would replace Sandra Day O'Connor. Who was the "fulcrum" on an "otherwise evenly-divided court." It doesn't matter whether Alito's qualified, what matters, apparently, is whether he's more conservative than O'Connor.

What a farce.



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