Monday, October 31, 2005

Ridiculous complaint

Matt Drudge is running a story alleging that certain Republicans are offended by the nickname "Scalito" from the Democrats and the media.
Before Judge Samuel Alito was even officially announced as President Bush’s next Supreme Court nominee, he met a wave of racial discrimination from numerous corners of the mainstream media and the Democrat Party. Because of Judge Alito’s conservative and Italian-American background he is often been compared to Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia, and has been nicknamed by the mainstream media “Scalito.”

One outraged Republican strategist claimed, “If Alito were a liberal there would be no way Democrats and Washington’s media elite would use such a ethnically insensitive nickname. Italian-Americans should not have to face these types of derogatory racial slurs in 21st century America.”

My reaction to anyone "outraged" by the used of "Scalito" is to get a life. There's nothing remotely "ethnically insensitive" to combining the last names of two philisophically similar justices. Nothing. Nada. It's a nonsensical complaint, exactly the kind of thing that infuriates us when the left complain about nonsense like that. Cut it out. It's not an issue.



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