Friday, March 25, 2005

Good Friday (cont.)

Two more choruses from the Haydn "Seven Last Words" tonight. What a marvelous piece...

Chorus 5 - I Thirst

Jesus calleth: "I thirst! Oh, I thirst!"
Curb now your fury, stay your revenge.
Mankind, now let pity move your spirit.
Let mercy enter your hearts.
Is there to cruelty no end?

Chorus 6 - It Is Finished

Nailed upon the tree of torture, hangs my Jesus in the night;
And He calls aloud: "It is finished!"
Now the cross has lost its terror,
Now has evil lost its might.
O, you sinners blindly living, woe betide you,
Who from sin to graver sins are driven.
Man, consider now!
Can you hope to be forgiven when He comes in all His glory and might?
Save us, Jesus, from damnation.



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